Glass Engraving Workshops

Designed for all abilities, these workshops are fun, friendly and for everybody. 
Glass engraving is an art form that has been going for over 3,500 years. The Romans where the first to become amazing craftsmen in this art form, but it almost died out with them, luckily it was kept alive through the Islamic world and then boomed in Venice in the fifteen century. It was in Venice in the late sixteenth century that the use of diamonds was discovered to be an excellent way to create free lines and detailed drawings on glass.
Today diamonds are still the best way to engrave glass, and are used within various methods.
In these workshops you will get to exploring the use of diamond burrs and other tools used in drill engraving.

You do not need any experience or artistic talent, just the inclination to try something fun and new! 

I also do home workshops; if you want some friends round for a fun night in (feel free to wear your pyjamas)! Maximum of ten people, six guests or over the host is free. Some examples are 'engrave your own wine glass night', 'tea light engraving' and much more. Please contact me for more details and we can tailor make your engraving party to suit you. 

 Workshop Dates:
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Glass fusing workshops are also available, for children, adults and also private classes

Classes and themes vary; from mindcraft (children), to mushrooms (adults) and more!


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