When we experience the loss of a loved one, it is hard.
Here at Inspired by Glass it would be an honour to help ease the pain a little. To have something close to us, that is part of the love we've lost is incredibly comforting. It is nice to have something we can see, touch and remind us of the fond memories. 

In Victorian times a piece of hair was put in a locket, worn close to the heart and today this tradition is coming back. With the upmost respect and care I fuse a pinch of ashes into glass, a keepsake that will last forever.  

I can incorporate the ashes into any keepsakes you like; panels, jewellery, sgian dubhs and more.
I work with you and together we will come up with a design that is perfect.

(Please note any ashes not encased in glass will be returned)

The sgian dubh is a traditional Scottish knife that is worn in the hose (sock) of the dominant hand. 'Sgian' is Gaelic for knife and 'dubh' means black or 'black knife'. It is said that it is called 'clack', not for its colour but because it was a hidden weapon. 

Today sgian dubhs are ceremonial and over the years the handles have become more and more ornate as this is the part that can be seen above the sock. 


Not only am I able to create a cremorial stone for traditonal sgian dubhs, but I can also create glass handel sgian dubhs, something that is completely unqiue to Inspired by Glass.

A perfect way for a man to keep his loved ones close to him.

Jewellery is a great way for anyone to keep their loved ones close. 

I have a selection of settings you can choose from, including lockets, rings, brooches, bangles and necklaces.
I also work with PMC (precious metal clay), I use fine (also known as solid) silver which can be fired in my kiln with the glass. This way I can work closely with you to create something completely special and unique.

(All jewellery are hallmarked)

Other items can be created if you would prefer something for your home or garden.  

The pieces are subtle and beautiful, and can be created around you and your memories.