About me

I'm not too sure when my love of glass started. I've always been fascinated by it, how it looks, the colour and the way light changes it's appearance. Then, whilst living in Kenya I engraved patterns into pebbles I collected from the river that flows down off Mt. Kenya. And I fell in love. I went on a course back in the UK in diamond burr engraving and kiln work. But a drill is less expensive and can fit in your rucksack, so for the next few years I enjoyed the pleasures of glass engraving. Whilst living in Kenya I was lucky enough to spend some time with the amazing people at Kitengella Glass, Nairobi. Enjoying the funky delights of rounded shapes, coloured mosaics, beads and glass blowing. Fast forward to 2016 were I now have my own, small business.

Every morning when I open my kiln it is like Christmas, the excitement and anticipation to see what's cooked inside. Kiln formed glass is an art and a science, getting the combination right can be a complicated and slow process. But every piece fired is a lesson learnt, experimentation is vital and thought and patience is an art in itself. 

I gather my inspiration from the world around me, with a passion in wildlife and the environment. I have a degree in Environmental Science and I love to combine the two. I bring in past experiences from around the globe as well as wondering the Scottish hills or sailing Loch Lomond to find my designs.